Miss Courtney (courtneydisney) wrote in eurail,
Miss Courtney

London in Oct, Nov, Dec

I'm going to be studying abroad in London for the fall quarter, and want to travel around on the weekends.

I'm 29 (don't make the 26 or younger cutoff for a lot of "student" prices).

I'm going to have Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to travel around, and hopefully have a few weeks at the end of the program (early/mid-December) to travel exclusively all over Europe.

I'll have a very limited amount of money (what student doesn't?).

As it is, I don't sleep well without pills, so trying to catch random zzz's in places doesn't sound like it'll work well for me.

Is there any way to work there as a foreigner?

Thanks for any help!
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short answer: NO.

if they catch you, you will be deported and banned from coming into the country for a few years.....