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19/F/USA <--- like those annying AIM's you get

Right-o! I'll get started, yeah?

Have I backpacked through Europe. Not really. Do I know tons about European trains? No, I dont. Am I happy to help in any way I can, yes sir!

I've been to Europe thrice (ha ha, like the horrible band!) and haven't really done the backpacker thing. I was 14 when my mom sent my brother (17) and yours truly to the Old World, on one of those tours things plus to stay with some people SHE knew. It was for a month and a day. It was beautiful. Props to my mother.

The second time I went was last summer, with a friend who came with me because my mother wouldn't pay if I went alone. We definitely weren't made to travel with each other. We Busabout-eted it (huh?!) for 6 weeks and it was nice. Word.

I spent 3 months living in Cannes, France this year and 1 month in Paris, France. That was hot. For spring break I was going to backpack Eastern Europe sola but I kinda wussed out, and a frined with a wonderful heart but a terrible sickness to anything that contained wheat/butter/milk/meat/poultry and OIL of any kind made her sick joined me. Kinda made going to restaurants a hassle. But I finnaly experinced the train thing. Yee-haw.

Since I'm not going to go looking for members, I'll just post about some of the stations I encountered and if people start coming in, i'll try and add entries with good info to the memories. Bien?
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