Rus Z (twigaland) wrote in eurail,
Rus Z

Marseille - Lisbon

I'm going to Marseille to study. My friends from Portugal invited me to come to see them in Lisbon for the Easter vacations, so I wanted to ask if anyone knows if there's a way to go from Marseille to Lisbon

All comments are very much welcome.

Thanks in advance!
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There is definitely a train that goes to Lisbon. You should think about booking (WAY) ahead though, because the trains fill up really really fast during that time. is a good site. You should divide your destination into different sections though, as its a long trip.

As a last way of tranportation, you could always Easyjet (Marseille>Gatwick>Faro>Lisbon) but that seems kind of complicated.
There is one from Paris only to Lisbon. And no train from Marseille along the coast.

i checked on

but thanks for the help. i'll check the these websites out