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Has anyone been to Slovenia?
My boyfriend and I have decided to go there this summer, we're flying to Ljubljana and going straight to Bled for 5 nights, then spending 2 or 3 nights in Ljubljana before flying home. I'd love to be there for longer but work and money unfortunately won't allow it this year, so we're trying to fit in as much as we can without it becoming the sort of holiday where you're rushing around all the time. We've been looking at guidebooks and on the internet, but it'd be great to hear from anyone who's visited either of these areas of the country and can recommend some must-see places to help us narrow down all the things we think sound good! We like cultural stuff, walking, good food & drink and pretty scenery, and we're definitely hoping to go whitewater rafting if we can.

Specific questions:
- Has anyone stayed in any of the youth hostels in Ljubljana? We know of a few, so it'd be good to get recommendations. Ideally we want somewhere cheap, quiet and within easy walking distance of the train & bus stations.
- How is the public transport around Bled, for going on short day trips and things to the surrounding area (like to Triglav National Park, Vintgar Gorge, etc)?
- Do a lot of people speak English? I'm going to learn the basics in Slovene beforehand if I can, and I speak French, German and a bit of Italian already, but it'd be good to know what to expect if my linguistic skills let me down!

Thanks to anyone who can give us advice!
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